Services Process 
 i3's target clients include organizations that depend on and recognize the importance of international quality information management solutions. With each potential client, we want to engage in a long-term partnership built on mutual understanding and trust. In every project, we will offer integrated IT solutions and assign a project manager with the knowledge and skill level necessary to successfully supervise and provide all services demanded by our client. Below, we provide a brief description of the four main phases followed for the majority of i3 network service engagements.

1. Scope - what you need, and what you want

After an initial contact and interest has been established, i3 will define the scope of the project which may include:Current IT set-up and Solution sought in the short-termTimeframe for short-term implementationExpansion requirements in the medium- and long-termLocal and international standards and policies (e.g. global supplier contracts, corporate hardware and software standards, data security policies, etc.)Budget parametersIn most instances, no formal engagement between i3 and the client will have been entered at this stage. If required by the client, a confidentiality agreement will be signed. Time spent by i3 is not charged.

2. Requirement Analysis - what we will deliver, when, and at what cost

i3 will define the deliverables of the project, including cost, implementation time-frame, and components. i3 will perform:Client interviews to establish the specific and integrated project requirements of the clients organizationHardware and software supplier enquiries and tenders to arrive at the exact component costsClient IT personnel interviews to establish current IT client knowledge base and time availability by client IT staff concerning systems set-up and maintenanceSpecific project research to arrive at the most reliable and high performance software application, custom development, hardware solution, and to specify system design, implementation and service costsi3 concludes the analysis phase by providing the specific project deliverables, cost of the project and the time-frame needed to complete the project.

3. Development, Implementation & Testing

Depending on the specific deliverables of each project, i3:Develops specific custom applications or modules integrating existing or new systemsProcures hardware and software componentsPerforms cabling and implementation workTests our client's new IT systemsTrains and guides client personnel in the use of all new systems

4. Post Implementation, Management & Maintenance

Depending on the specific deliverables of each project i3:Performs regular client trainingOffers telephone or on-site maintenance supportManages backup, testing, data storage, or other ongoing IT servicesKindly contact us with your specific requirements. Specific service areas are briefly described in the Service Overview section of this Web site.
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