Service Overview

 i3 promises only what we can deliver. From solution design to acquisition and post installation support, i3 delivers the best it has to offer. Below is a brief overview of our core capabilities:

Requirement Analysis

Before we implement any solution, i3 provides a Requirement Analysis. We will discuss with the client what he wants to achieve from the project. We will then look at the current technology profiles of the customer and propose a solution, implementation plan and a support program.

Acquisition and Procurement Support

As part of each solution, i3 manages the ordering, delivery, and testing of each component. With i3 managing this process, our clients are assured that each solution is deployed on time and without delay.

Unified Communication (UC) - Design and Deployment

i3 has been deploying UC systems like mail messaging as well as voice and data technologies for a long time, so you can count on them to be as functional, effective, and diverse as the company itself. With voice and data technologies becoming a standard among mid-to-large corporations, i3 continues to be looked upon as a leader in deploying these new and emerging technologies.

Network, Design, Installation, and Management

i3 can develop and integrate customized solutions for your entire enterprise, including LAN and WAN networks, data centers and multiple operating platforms. We offer years of experience delivering complete system integration solutions to Government, International Customers, Domestic Customers and NGO entities.

Project Management

With our extensive knowledge and experience in all phases of computer technology, i3 can assist you in planning, managing, and coordinating all major deployments and projects, thus freeing your staff to concentrate on other matters.

Cabling and Infrastructure Deployment

i3 specializes in the installation of structured wire, including voice, data, and fiber optics. We provide engineering, design, installation, certification and expertise, which are essential to the success of each and every system design. i3 employees work together with each client to design and implement a structured wire system that will meet the current and future needs of the organization.

Document Management

i3 is a leading Document Management technology provider for clients looking to improve on their costly, manual filing systems. We specialize in putting your documents into a system that will allow for faster retrieval, increased control, cost reduction, safer storage, and space savings.


ServicesOutsourcing from i3 provides you with an onsite or virtual MIS Staff, Help Desk and Training support, thus freeing up precious resources so that your staff can concentrate on the company's core business.

Repair and Maintenance

i3 takes great pride in offering maintenance programs to fit the needs of your organization. With many different programs to choose from, i3 can provide onsite service within 4 hours and can provide 24x7 coverage if requested.

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