1. Who Should and Why Managed Services (MS)?

Partnered for well-known global companies as Manage Engine, GFI Software or Engenius Networks Singapore, HP, DELL, IBM... which means we've right up-to-date with our technical skills to provide IT support projects, hardware and software to our valued clients in Vietnam

Our operation is optimized to provide from break/fix to pro-active monitoring and maintenance support services of our clients' equipment ensuring highest availability. As needed, we provide quick and accurate remote and on-site support (in fact, our technicians are measured on speed, accuracy and their communication with our clients)

Our customers tell us they appreciate:
- Our excellent technical services allow them to concentrate on their key strengths of the business values.
- Our range of 'fixed cost' IT support services allows them to 'fix' costs relating IT
- Our range of services allows them to delegate different levels of responsibility for their IT system to i3 (as their business needs dictate)

2. Let take a look of our 'Menu of Managed Services':
- Managed Continuity
- Managed Security
- Managed Email
- Managed Workstations

3. As simply we do:

* Servers and Networking Equipment: * Desktop, Laptop and Mobile equipment (a 'workstation'):
- Backup and Antivirus monitoring
- Start-of-day monitoring      
- Round-the-clock monitoring      
- Server and network total care
- Workstation start-of-day monitoring
- Round-the-clock workstation monitoring
- From break fix to proactive workstation tuning  
- Workstation total care
Let feel free to   contact us   for discussing details.

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